Review of SurveyMoz

surveymoz-logo2Nowadays, surveys are considered very important by many businesses. For example, customer satisfaction survey can be conducted to find out what the customers really want, need, require and expect from the company. By knowing what your customers need, you can find ways on how to improve not just your products and services but your overall business.

In conducting a survey, you will require the best online survey tool. The best survey tool is needed because you need something that will make the process a lot easier not just for you but for your target respondents as well. The procedures from building the questionnaire to distributing them, collecting the results and implementing the study for business improvement, all of these require a software program with features that can help you achieve your business goals.

SurveyMoz is a rather recent online survey tool that offers a lot of powerful features at a very small price. We will review today the Free Plan. The site also offer a Premium Plan that costs $22/month ($192/year if paid annually).



It’s very easy to sign-up to SurveyMoz. There are only a few fields to fill in.



There are 3 options to create a survey:

  • Create a new survey
  • Copy an existing survey
  • Use a survey template




SurveyMoz offers over 80 survey templates, organized in several categories (Customer Surveys, Education Surveys, Employee Surveys, Event Surveys, Healthcare Surveys, Hospitality Surveys, Marketing Surveys, Research Surveys, Non Profit Forms, Web Forms).

We will create a new survey from scratch. To do that, all you need to do is enter the new survey title and language (you can choose from 19 available languages).

The next step is to select a survey theme.



SurveyMoz offers over 60 predefined survey themes. You can choose one of these or you can create your own custom theme.

The next step is the survey design. SurveyMoz offers 12 question types:

  • Multiple Choice (Only one answer)
  • Multiple Choice (Multiple answers)
  • Comment / Essay Box
  • Ranking
  • Matrix of Choices (Only one answer per row)
  • Matrix of Choices (Multiple answers per row)
  • Matrix of Textboxes
  • Matrix of Drop-down Menus
  • Single Textbox
  • Multiple Textboxes
  • Descriptive Text
  • Date/Time Box


Each of these question types come with a variety of options and settings. You can:

  • Add an Other choice (for choice question types)
  • Add a Comment field
  • Make the question mandatory
  • Randomize order of answer choices (for choice questions)
  • Change the question size and position
  • And many more

We will add several questions to our survey. After doing that, the survey editor looks like this:


SurveyMoz offers a nice section where you can organize your survey questions and pages. Here you can change the position of a question with a simple drag and drop.

Before launching the survey, there is one more section to cover: Survey Settings. Once again, SurveyMoz proves to be a very powerful online survey tool. They provide a lot of options that can be configured here:

  • Survey title, nickname, folder
  • Email notifications
  • If multiple responses per computer are allowed or not
  • Survey Scoring
  • Anonymous Surveys
  • Display settings, button texts, progress bars
  • Survey Logo
  • Finish options
  • Save and Continue
  • Security options
  • Survey cutoff date, maximum number of responses allowed



For now, we will go ahead with the default settings and launch our survey. To be able to collect responses to our survey, it needs to be put in “Online” mode (by default it’s “Offline”). Once doing that, we are able to see the deployment options:

  • Direct link
  • Email tool
  • Website
  • Audience
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


You can customize your link only with the Premium Plan. Here is our survey link:

The live survey page looks like this:


We will add several responses to the survey and move to the reporting section. The summary report looks very nice:


SurveyMoz continues to amaze us and offers a very powerful reporting section. Besides the summary report, you can also:

  • View individual responses
  • Create filter reports (only with Premium Plan)
  • Export data to CSV (only with Premium Plan)
  • Search through the open-ended results (only with Premium Plan)
  • Create cross-tab reports (only with Premium Plan)
  • Share survey results (only with Premium Plan)

Overall, SurveyMoz is one of the best survey software tools we’ve seen in a long period of time.

Things we like about SurveyMoz:

  • Lots of templates
  • Lots of themes
  • Lots of survey questions and options
  • Powerful reporting section

Things we did not like about SurveyMoz:

  • There is not really much that we can write here. SurveyMoz looks like a really nice and powerful survey tool and we strongly recommend you to use it. The price is unbeatable also. $16/month (billed annually) is a very small price to pay for such a powerful tool. Besides that, SurveyMoz also offers free full accounts for students and non profits. Your can read all about it here.

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